Moreton-in-Marsh Bowling Club

Moreton-in-Marsh Bowling Club - Match Reports



Moreton in Marsh vs Norgen

In the first league game of the season, Moreton came up against a strong Norgren side who were winners of last years league. Moreton lost on all three rinks and the points 8-0 went to the visitors.

Moreton in Marsh vs Stratford BC

Moreton recorded their first win of the season. Moreton won on two rinks and lost on one. 6 points to Moreton and 2 to Stratford. The green looked good but was a bit “pushy”.

Moreton in Marsh vs Kineton

Kineton always do well in the league and Moreton were expecting a tough game. That was indeed what they got. However, Moreton triumphed and won on 2 rinks and drew on the third. 7 points to Moreton and 1 to Kineton.

Moreton in Marsh v Welford upon Avon

Moreton came up against a strong Welford team. The match was close overall but Welford turned out winners on two out of the three rinks and so recorded 6 points to Moreton’s 2.

Moreton in Marsh v Avon

Away at Avon, Moreton did well to win on all rinks and so leave with 8 points to Avon’s 0 points.

Moreton in Marsh v Warwick Boat Club

This was Moreton’s first ever visit to the Boat Club in the Kineton league. In a beautiful setting, Moreton found the green a trifle difficult. However, one Moreton rink had a substantial win and another managed a draw, coming from behind on the last end. Moreton 5 points, WBC 3points.




Moreton in Marsh v Shipston Sports

In this match at home, Moreton won in all of the four triples and recorded a 10 -0 point result. This is a good start to Moreton’s North Cotswold league endeavours, a league of which they were champions last season.

Moreton in Marsh v Northwick

In this match at home, Moreton secured a victory, winning with a large score on one rink but losing two of the triples. Moreton 6 points, Northwick 4 points.

Moreton in Marsh v Weston-sub-Edge

In this away match at Weston, in windy conditions, Moreton recorded wins in all four triples. Moreton 10 points, Weston 0 points.