Moreton-in-Marsh Bowling Club

Moreton-in-Marsh Bowling Club - Match Reports



Moreton in Marsh vs Norgen

In the first league game of the season, Moreton came up against a strong Norgren side who were winners of last years league. Moreton lost on all three rinks and the points 8-0 went to the visitors.

Moreton in Marsh vs Stratford BC

Moreton recorded their first win of the season. Moreton won on two rinks and lost on one. 6 points to Moreton and 2 to Stratford. The green looked good but was a bit “pushy”.

Moreton in Marsh vs Kineton

Kineton always do well in the league and Moreton were expecting a tough game. That was indeed what they got. However, Moreton triumphed and won on 2 rinks and drew on the third. 7 points to Moreton and 1 to Kineton.

Moreton in Marsh v Welford upon Avon

Moreton came up against a strong Welford team. The match was close overall but Welford turned out winners on two out of the three rinks and so recorded 6 points to Moreton’s 2.

Moreton in Marsh v Avon

Away at Avon, Moreton did well to win on all rinks and so leave with 8 points to Avon’s 0 points.

Moreton in Marsh v Warwick Boat Club

This was Moreton’s first ever visit to the Boat Club in the Kineton league. In a beautiful setting, Moreton found the green a trifle difficult. However, one Moreton rink had a substantial win and another managed a draw, coming from behind on the last end. Moreton 5 points, WBC 3points.

Moreton in Marsh vs Avon

This game played at Stratford, just across the river from the RSC saw Moreton come away with a 6-2 points win. David Stanfield’s rink with Steve Aldridge, Geoff Cox and Roger Meachem recorded a very large win.


Moreton in Marsh vs Ilmington

Another 6-2 point win for Moreton played at Moreton in the dry, thank goodness, after a day of rain.


Moreton in Marsh vs Kineton

It is always difficult to go to Kineton and come away with any points and this match proved to be no different. An 8-0 loss, although one Moreton rink came within three shots of a victory.


Moreton in Marsh vs FISCC

This was an away game that proved to be more fruitful, in terms of a result than last week’s match. A 6-2 victory.


Moreton in Marsh vs Newbold

Games against Newbold are always friendly and competitive. Another 6-2 points win for Moreton in this home game, although all rinks recorded close scores.


Moreton in Marsh vs Wellesbourne

The green at Wellesbourne played very well and helped Moreton score another 6-2 points win. This result finds Moreton sitting in the top five spots of the league.


Moreton in Marsh vs Fenny Compton

Moreton are on a roll and another 6-2 win comes their way against a competitive Fenny Compton team.


Moreton in Marsh vs Chipping Campden

Our nearest rivals visited Moreton and are riding high in the league. An even and fair 4-4 points draw is the result.

Moreton in Marsh vs Snitterfield

Snitterfield proved too strong at their own green for the three rinks of Moreton on this occasion and the home team turned out 6-2 winners.


Moreton in Marsh vs Wellesbourne

In this return match at home for Moreton, the home team proved to be too strong for the visitors who won 8-0.


Moreton in Marsh vs Norgren

Moreton recorded a fine 6-2 away win at Norgren, not always an easy place to achieve success.


Moreton in Marsh vs Southam

At one of our furthest flung destinations for a league game, a very close match saw Moreton win by 48 shots to 47. However, Moreton only won on one rink and so come away with a 4-4 points draw.

Moreton in Marsh vs Fenny Compton

At this three rink green centred in the village of Fenny Compton, Moreton shared the points, winning heavily on just one rink and with only three bowlers on that rink instead of the usual four.  Well done Rod, Steve and Brenda.

 Moreton in Marsh vs Snitterfield

Moreton put out a strong team against a club who often manage to beat us. Moreton however won on two rinks and recorded a 6-2 points victory.

 Moreton in Marsh vs Stratford

In a busy week of league bowls, Moreton started well with a 6-2 points win. It was very close on two rinks but a good win on the third gave Moreton the victory.

 Moreton in Marsh vs Newbold

This nail biting close run game ended in another  6-2 points victory for Moreton.

 Moreton in Marsh vs Welford on Avon

Moreton only won on one rink in this home game but such was the size of that win that it secured a 4-4 points draw. It could have been a 6-2 win but one home rink lost by just one shot.




Moreton in Marsh v Shipston Sports

In this match at home, Moreton won in all of the four triples and recorded a 10 -0 point result. This is a good start to Moreton’s North Cotswold league endeavours, a league of which they were champions last season.

Moreton in Marsh v Northwick

In this match at home, Moreton secured a victory, winning with a large score on one rink but losing two of the triples. Moreton 6 points, Northwick 4 points.

Moreton in Marsh v Weston-sub-Edge

In this away match at Weston, in windy conditions, Moreton recorded wins in all four triples. Moreton 10 points, Weston 0 points.

Moreton in Marsh vs Aston Somerville

New to the league Aston recorded a 6-4 points win on their home green.


Moreton in Marsh vs Northwick

In the return match with Northwick at their green, Moreton were beaten on three of the four rinks and so only scored 2 points.


Moreton in Marsh vs Little Compton

This game had been rearranged from early May when a downpour put paid to the completion of the match. In this game at Little Compton, Moreton succumbed to a 8-2 points defeat. A better result is hoped for in the return match.


Moreton in Marsh vs Weston-sub-Edge

In this home game, Moreton recorded wins on three rinks and a draw on the fourth rink, so winning the match by 9-1 points.


Moreton in Marsh vs Shipston Sports

Moreton in this match at Shipston narrowly missed out on all the points, when a Moreton rink holding three shots for victory, fell to a last minute Shipston winning bowl which denied Moreton a clean sweep. Result:  8-2 points for Moreton

Moreton in Marsh vs Little Compton

In this game against the team at the top of the league, Moreton won on two rinks and lost on two. Each team recorded 61 shots. A 5-5 points draw, which was an improvement on Moreton’s performance at Little Compton earlier in the season.